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Hydration & Health: Tips for Providers of In Home Care for Elderly

Jun 2, 2017 by Gregg Gammello

No matter your age, drinking the right amount of water is essential for overall wellness. Did you know that our bodies are composed of up to 60% water? Staying properly hydrated keeps your body working correctly, prevents tiredness, decreases hunger and improves the appearance of skin. The benefits of drinking water are seemingly endless – so why are so many people, especially seniors, not staying hydrated? Providers of in home care for elderly loved ones – follow these tips to promote summer health and hydration for your senior!

Summer wellness for seniors in Lansdale, PA

The summer months typically bring higher temperatures which can change an aging body’s need for water. For many seniors, this change goes unnoticed. They may not recognize that their exhaustion, confusion, dry throat, or headaches are due to dehydration. As a family member or other provider of in home care for elderly loved ones, it is your job to monitor water intake.

Hydration is more than drinking water

While drinking plenty of water is often a good solution to dehydration and its symptoms, there are other things to consider. Providers of in home care for elderly family members should be aware of the medications and prescriptions a senior is using as these can have negative interactions with too much water consumption.

Perspiring, or sweating, is the body’s natural method of cooling itself down. When we sweat, the water and electrolytes lost cause our bodies to become dehydrated. It is particularly important for seniors, who’s bodies naturally replenish these more slowly, keep their bodies cool to maintain hydration. Protecting skin by staying in shady areas out of direct sunlight can prevent dehydration in seniors. Wearing sunscreen, light-colored protective clothing, and utilizing fans can all help the body stay cool.

Providers of in home care for elderly loved ones should know the signs of senior dehydration before enjoying the summer weather this year. Elderly dehydration can exacerbate existing medical conditions and cause more serious deteriorations in health.

The best in home care for elderly is provided when you are well-informed and prepared. Talk with you senior loved one’s doctor or professional care provider with any questions you have about maintaining health and hydration this summer. 


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