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Comfort Keepers Senior Care in Homes Promotes Healthy Eating and Cooking Safety

Proper meal preparation help improve home care for seniors in Lansdale, PA

Proper nutrition is a major aspect of staying healthy and maintaining a high quality of life. Unfortunately, many seniors are not able to eat a proper diet and require some assistance. Personalized care in homes, such as the services offered by Comfort Keepers in Lansdale, PA, can meet the unique dietary needs and preferences of your senior loved one.

If you think about it, proper meal preparation does require a lot of work. Although most seniors are not employed and do have a lot of free time, they are often not able to physically undertake the process of preparing meals at home.

Some can not drive, which makes grocery shopping impossible. Others can not lift heavy things, which puts a limit on the shopping they can do. At the same time, some seniors suffer from arthritis and other similar ailments and are not able to use their hands for prolonged periods of time because it is too painful. Others yet are simply too depressed or lonely to take care of themselves. This makes professional care in homes all the more paramount for seniors.

With help from a caregiver, a senior can stick to a healthy diet but also participate in the meal preparation process. Care in homes includes transportation services so your loved one can go to the grocery store with a caregiver if they are able. This will allow your loved one to not only participate in the process but also have more control over what they are eating. The caregiver can, of course, do all the heavy lifting, allowing your loved one to focus on the process and make sure they are getting everything they need.

Once home, our caregiver can put all the groceries away and help your loved one prepare meals. A caregiver can participate as little or as much as your loved one wants. If they need help only cleaning up, that is perfectly fine. Caregivers can wash and chop ingredients, help plan meals for the week, cook and store prepared food, and offer feeding assistance and supervision.

As part of our Interactive Caregiving program, we believe it is important for your loved one to participate in their own care. This helps keep seniors active and engaged and gives them an overall greater sense of ownership over both their home and life.

To find out more about care in homes for seniors in Lansdale, PA, please give us a call today. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may be having about your loved one and the care they may need. 

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