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Comfort Keepers home care services provide seniors with the necessary love and support

Designed to complement elder care services, our senior safety products can truly bring senior care to the next level here in Lansdale, PA. Our SafetyChoice line of products can allow seniors and older adults greater freedom in their daily lives; they can perform routine activities care-free and have more confidence to continue their preferred routine as they age; they can stay home alone but still have immediate access to assistance of any kind; and they can enjoy an independent lifestyle for much longer.

What makes our products stand out, however, is that they can also bring many benefits to seniors who don’t need elder care services. While these devices are best when used in combination with in home care service options, they can also be used independently by seniors who just need that additional layer of security to feel much safer at home.

Moreover, unlike many similar products, our devices are quite affordable. Our goal is to allow as many seniors as possible to have access to state-of-the-art technology that can make their lives much easier. Family members are also grateful for our products because they give them peace of mind that their loved ones are never truly alone – they can rely on smart devices for help in case of any kind of emergency situation.

Another benefit of our SafetyChoice products is that they can actually reduce the amount of elder care services a senior needs. Again, this is because these devices give seniors the means to notify professionals as soon as they experience any type of problem. With unrestricted access to provide help of the highest quality, even older adults with serious medical conditions can enjoy more independence.

It is also important to note that we offer several revolutionary products that can provide the highest level of protection and safety if used together. Obviously, not all seniors require all products but many older adults may feel better and more confident if protected in more ways than one.

Our elder care service providers here in Lansdale, PA can assess your senior mom or dad’s unique situation and recommend devices that best meet their needs and fit their lifestyle. While our products are incredibly easy to use, it’s worth noting that one of our uplifting home care service experts will gladly show your loved one how the device of their choosing works, highlighting its benefits as well. 

If you still have any questions after familiarizing yourself with our devices or would like to schedule a consultation with us, please give us a call today at our Lansdale, PA office at (215) 475-5676!

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