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Home Care Agencies Offer Advanced Medication Safety And Management

Your senior loved one can benefit from medication safety and management offered through Comfort Keepers Home Care Agencies

Managing a variety of different medications and remembering to always take them on time may become increasingly challenging for seniors as they age. Even with medication reminders from professional home care agencies, your loved one can still forget to take their pills on time when they are home alone. To help your senior mom or dad maintain their independence and enable them to take their medication in an effortless, safe, and organized way, Comfort Keepers is proud to offer the following medication safety products:

  • Pill Dispenser is the perfect solution for seniors who struggle to keep up with demanding medication timetables. The system can help your senior mom or dad take their medication on time and prevent skipping dosages, which may be harmful to your loved one’s health. Pill Dispenser is really easy to program and refill, as it can hold up to 60 medication cups. Each of these cups can be filled with as much as 20-25 pills. This frugal unit is designed to manage a variety of dispensing timetables and dosages, covering your senior loved one’s specific pharmaceutical needs for every day of the week.
  • TabSafe is an affordable and efficient medical system connected to a house phone line. If your senior mom or dad misses their daily dose of meds, the system automatically calls up to three different phone numbers from your parent’s contact list. When there is no response, an alert signal is sent to the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station where a team member will then make a call to the family or notify professional home care agencies from the contact list.

    The TabSafe unit comprises from four re-filling cartridges. Each of these cartridges has the capacity of 16 to 32 dosages. This medication system is designed to memorize multiple dispensing schedules for each day of the week. The pill-dispensing button on the unit is really easy to see and feel.

  • Medminder uses a combination of wireless, cellular, and smart technologies designed to keep your loved one’s pills secured in a small, portable pillbox dispenser. The advantage of this device is that it can be programmed and managed online via a secure portal. If your senior mom or dad skips their scheduled dose of medication, MedMinder automatically sends a text message or an email notification to the family caregiver or a designated caregiver from one of the professional home care agencies.

    Another great feature of MedMinder is that users can monitor medication timetables and obtain other information through our secure online service. By simply logging into your account on our webpage, you can see when your senior loved one took their medication therapy, as well as the dispensed dosages memorized by the unit.

If you would like to learn more about our medication safety products, please call our Lansdale, PA, office today. Experts from Comfort Keepers home care agencies can schedule a free in-home presentation and recommend the product best fitting your loved one’s medical needs. We are happy to be of service!

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