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Affordable Senior Home Care is Within Reach with Proper Planning

Finding affordable senior care in Lansdale, PA, starts with understanding your payment options

If your loved one is of advanced age, you are probably looking into affordable senior home care options in their area. The good news is that Comfort Keepers offers a comprehensive list of advanced senior assistance services at an accessible price in Lansdale, PA.

When it comes to affordable senior home care, there are a lot of options and possibilities out there. Financing and payment options will largely depend on the plan you opt for.  

Some older adults only need a professional caregiver to spend a couple of hours every week with them, while others need 24 hour home care. This is where you start. Speak with your loved one, talk to their medical team and get a feel for what services they need.

In home care is typically less expensive than nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, but costs will vary greatly depending on where you live, the level or care and hours required each week.


Medicaid is a great option for many older adults. In fact, it the largest public financier of long-term care. In some instances, seniors can get their nursing home costs covered completely.  For those who qualify, Medicaid and state programs can help pay for nursing home services. Determining whether or not your loved one qualifies for Medicaid will vary by state. If they don’t qualify for Medicaid, you can find information about Lansdale, PA programs through local Area Agencies on Aging.


There is a misconception out there that Medicare is an ideal option for all seniors. However, Medicare does not cover as much as you would think. In fact, there are a lot of limits. Medicare applies to long-term care in limited circumstances and certain short-term medical care needs. Medicare doesn’t pay for extended care or non-medical services.

Long Term Care Insurance

Overall, long-term insurance is your best bet when it comes to affordable senior home care. Planning ahead with insurance is great because you will know exactly what to expect and you will not have to worry about whether or not your loved one qualifies. However, coverage for this type of insurance can be expensive. Be certain that you understand up-front what the premiums and policies cover before making any payments.

Paying Out of Pocket

While there are many financing options for various types of senior care options, it is most common for families to pay for at least a portion of home care expenses out of their own savings. The cost of care will vary based on level of need and the number of hours per week that services are needed. Being aware of the fact that home care costs may come out of pocket is important to personal financial planning. It is important for seniors and their families to try to save for care so that price is not the dictating factor for services. You want to choose the best option for your loved one's preferences, needs, and comfort - not just the most inexpensive option.

Veterans and their spouses may be eligible for Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. If your senior loved one is a veteran, these benefits can help cover some of the cost of services.

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