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How to Help: Responding to Victims of the Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

Sep 14, 2017 by Gregg Gammello

Our heart is with Texas and Florida, as many Americans face devastating effects of hurricanes

This summer, millions of Americans in the Gulf Coast, Florida Keys, and Atlantic coast were rocked by massive hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey devastated millions in Houston, Texas, as the first major hurricane to strike southern Texas in more than 40 years. Residents of Florida, particularly in the Keys and Miami areas faced similar challenges with Hurricane Irma hitting their coastline just 2 weeks later.

You likely have seen photos of the destruction splashed across newspapers, television newscasts, and your social media news feeds. Perhaps you have friends, family, and other loved ones who have personally been affected by these natural disasters.

It is clear that the people in these areas are in need of immediate and long-term help. Comfort Keepers of Lansdale, PA, has some suggestions on how to support the victims of these disasters, and while we will never face hurricanes in Pennsylvania Comfort Keepers will discuss the importance of being prepared for any unexpected event.

How to Help Those Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Millions of Americans were forced to evacuate their homes due to high-speed winds, major flooding, and power outages. For those unable to leave, power outages and destruction make day to day life incredibly challenging. Consider monetary donations to local organizations that provide food, clean water, and personal hygiene products to those displaced by the hurricanes.

Here are some organizations where your donation dollars can make a big difference:

UNICEF USA – is providing international relief in the Caribbean, especially for children displaced by flooding

World Vision – is providing immediate supplies and long-term aid. Boasts 90% of your donation will go directly to help those impacted

Explore local options here in Lansdale, PA, to donate clothing, non-perishable food, personal hygiene products and other items. Even a smallest of contributions can make an incredibly positive impact on the well-being of those families affected.

If you are interested in learning more about how to help, simply search online for reputable organizations. Be certain you are donating to certified, legitimate charities before submitting any personal financial information.

Preparing & Finding Help During a Natural Disaster

Although we may never experience the devastating effects of a hurricane here in Lansdale, PA, it is still important to prepare for other natural disasters. For seniors and other adults who may live alone, a power outage, snow storm, or basement flooding can be very dangerous.

Here are 3 tips for preparing for unexpected conditions:

1. Create an Emergency Contact Folder

This “grab and go” folder should contain emergency contact information, the phone numbers of local police, fire, and poison control departments, and any essential medical personnel. Many seniors also include copies of important documents and medication lists. Having all essential information in one, easy to transport location can help in a chaotic situation.

2. Know what to prepare for

In the winter months, heavy snow fall and lower temperatures can lead to power outages, frozen pipes, and broken sump pumps. If your area is prone to this, prepare by purchasing a backup generator before the weather gets bad. Make sure you have working flashlights and batteries. If you or a loved one requires an oxygen tank, talk with your doctor about how to prepare for malfunctions.

3. Finding relief after a natural disaster or accident

Many churches and nonprofit organizations provide meals, clean water, personal hygiene products and even clothing for seniors who are homebound. If the weather makes driving difficult, make sure you know where to find help.

The road to recovery after major natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is a long and difficult one. Our hearts are with the families affected by the devastation in Texas, Florida, and throughout the region.

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