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In Home Care for Seniors Shares Tips On Managing Diabetes

Nov 9, 2017 by Gregg Gammello

Home caregivers can help seniors keep diabetes under control during the holiday season

While it may be tempting to eat unhealthy foods in large portions during the holiday season, seniors who have diabetes should do their best not to break their routines and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Overindulging on holidays may not seem like a big deal but it can lead to weight gain or increased blood sugar levels, resulting in additional health issues.

To make sure your loved one has a great time this holiday season and stays healthy and happy, in home care for seniors has compiled a short list of tips on diabetes management:

Sleeping for at least 8 Hours a Night

Throughout the festive season, most people stay up later than usual, which can disrupt their accustomed sleep routine. Seniors should make sure to get enough sleep every night, no matter how late they go to bed. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night can help your loved one control their blood sugar, also preventing them from overeating later during the day.

Maintain Your Exercise Routine

Seniors may not feel like exercising during the holiday season, but staying physically active throughout the year can come with many health benefits. Exercising can help your aging parent keep blood sugar under control, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent a myriad of other age-related issues. In home care for seniors recommends that seniors with diabetes engage in exercise routines such as brisk walking, swimming or aqua aerobics, yoga or bicycling.

Prepare Diabetes Friendly Meals

Whether your loved one is hosting the holiday dinner or attending a celebration at a loved one’s home, they should look for healthy, diabetes friendly meals that can replace some more traditional holiday meals. You or your parent can look up recipes online and come up with amazing, well-balanced dishes the whole family can enjoy.

Eat 5 Meals a Day

While skipping meals during the holidays may seem like a sensible idea, in home care for seniors points out that it can lead to blood sugar fluctuations. Instead of waiting for the grand holiday feast, seniors should eat like they would on a normal day to prevent over-eating in the late afternoon or evening.

Moderately Consume Alcohol

If your loved one plans on drinking alcohol during the festivities, it is important that they drink in moderation, opting for lighter drinks such as beer and wine and combining alcohol with food. In home care for seniors advises seniors not to drink more than one or two glasses of alcohol in order to prevent reductions in blood sugar levels.

These tips can make your loved one’s life much easier during the holidays, allowing them to enjoy themselves and spend quality time with family and friends while successfully and effortlessly managing their condition.

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