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Home Care Services Help for Seniors with Common Chronic Conditions

Dec 7, 2017 by Gregg Gammello

An in home caregiver can offer part-time help when your loved one is ill or around the clock for chronic diseases

For seniors with chronic conditions, home care services can mean the difference between a quality, independent life and gradual loss of independence. With the support of devoted caregivers who have the experience and training needed to help seniors manage their conditions and continue leading healthy and happy lives, your senior loved one can gracefully age in the comfort of their home.

Home care services can cater to seniors with the following chronic diseases:

Cardiovascular disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If your senior loved one has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, which includes hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke or congenital heart disease, a professional caregiver can be of great help to them, offering assistance with activities such as meal preparation, exercising, quitting smoking, and medication management.


Affecting almost half the senior population in the world, arthritis is a major cause of disability among older adults. This disease, which is defined as joint inflammation, can be very painful, worsening with age. Home care services can primarily help seniors with arthritis by encouraging them to exercise and eat properly in order to reduce body weight. For older adults with this condition, low-impact exercises such as water aerobics or Tai-chi are an ideal choice.


Causing weak bones in seniors, osteoporosis affects around 44 million older adults across the world. Seniors who are diagnosed with this condition can easily break their bones, sometimes even just by coughing.

Home care services can help your loved one manage osteoporosis in several ways. They can reduce the risk of falls and injuries by suggesting how to best fall-proof the home. Caregivers can also help seniors quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption, and prepare healthy, calcium-rich meals for them, as well as offer assistance with exercising.


Diabetes is a chronic illness that occurs when blood sugar levels are too high. With as much as one-fourth of American senior citizens living with this condition, the importance of educating older adults on how to manage diabetes cannot be overstressed. Expert caregivers can help your loved one with diabetes management, making sure they regularly measure blood sugar, eat a healthy diet, and take their medications properly.

Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome

Around three-fourths of older adults aged 60 and over have issues with weight, which can play a role in the development of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. If your loved one is overweight or obese, home care services can help them lose the extra weight through a combination of healthy eating and regular exercising, supporting them throughout their weight-loss journey.


If your senior loved one has been diagnosed with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis or another chronic health problem, senior care services may be the solution they need to keep it under control and truly enjoy their senior years. 

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