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Elderly Caregiver Advice: Safety Tips for Senior Travelers

Oct 25, 2018 by Gregg Gammello

Traveling can be a wonderful experience for older adults. It can give them the opportunity to explore new cultures and try new foods. However, it can also be dangerous when certain safety precautions are disregarded. In order for older adults to enjoy traveling while keeping themselves safe, elderly caregiver professionals from Lansdale, PA suggest the following safety tips:


Obtain Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a wise investment, especially for seniors who travel frequently. If they end up in a situation where they get sick, fall and hurt themselves, or require extra medication, travel insurance can save them a great deal of money on out-of-pocket expenses.


Be Mindful at Meals
Seniors usually have more sensitive stomachs than younger individuals. Therefore, older adults should be careful and refrain from overeating or opting for foods that are particularly spicy or heavy during their travels. Elderly caregivers explain that by being mindful at meals, seniors can reduce the risk of getting sick and thoroughly enjoy their trip.


Pack Medication Appropriately
When flying, it’s best for seniors to keep their over-the-counter and prescription drugs in their carry-on bags. Packing medications in their checked luggage can cause problems because if their flight gets delayed or their luggage gets lost, they won’t have access to the medications they need.


Wear the Right Shoes
Comfortable, sturdy, and properly-fitting shoes are vital for senior travelers, especially if they are planning on walking around often on their trip. Those who work as an elderly caregiver explain that older adults should avoid small heels as they can put them at risk for falling or spraining an ankle. Flats are a better option because they’ll keep them balanced and comfortable.


Obtaining travel insurance, being mindful at meals, packing medication appropriately, and wearing the right shoes are all essential tips for senior travelers.

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