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Home Care Providers Advice: Fun Holiday Activities for Seniors

Dec 20, 2018 by Gregg Gammello

Now that the holiday season has finally arrived, seniors should fill their calendars with a variety of exciting holiday activities in Lansdale, PA. Whether your older loved one enjoys crafting, spending time with their grandchildren, baking, or attending community events, there’s so much for them to do during the holidays. Home care providers recommend the following fun holiday activities for seniors:


Bake Holiday Cookies

Seniors who enjoy baking will have a blast baking holiday cookies with their grandchildren. They can bake cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, snowmen, stars, and anything else that reminds them of the holidays.


View the Holiday Lights

Most neighborhoods are filled with homes that are decorated with holiday lights. Since many seniors do not drive, they may miss out on seeing these lights. Home care providers encourage you to take them for a drive around town so they can view the holiday lights.


Have a Movie Night

There are so many classic holiday movies that older adults love. Consider hosting a movie night and inviting your senior loved one. If you’d like you can also take them to the movie theater so they can enjoy a new release.


Make a Holiday Wreath

Crafty seniors are sure to love making a holiday wreath that they can hang up on their front door or inside of their home. Holiday wreaths can be made flowers, garland, ribbon, dried leaves, string lights, and a number of other materials. The possibilities are endless!


Go Holiday Shopping

It can be difficult for seniors to go holiday shopping on their own. That’s why, it’s a good idea to offer to go with them. Home care providers suggest helping seniors create a holiday shopping list and helping them wrap any gift they purchase.


Baking holiday cookies, viewing holiday lights, having a movie night, making a holiday wreath, and going holiday shopping are all great ways for older adults to live life to the fullest this holiday season.


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