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Senior Care Services Advice: Most Common Pneumonia Symptoms in Seniors

Jan 4, 2019 by Gregg Gammello

A lung disease that causes lung inflammation and is typically the result of an infection is known as pneumonia. If you have an older loved one in your life, it’s important to be aware of the most common pneumonia symptoms in senior citizens. Experts in senior care services are here to help you identify the most common symptoms of this condition:



If your senior seems confused or disoriented, they may have pneumonia. They may have a difficult time thinking or be unable to explain simple ideas. Sometimes, confused seniors may be thought to have dementia or another condition instead.



There are a number of types of pneumonia. Some types may lead to low-grade fevers while others cause high-grade fevers above 100 degree fahrenheit. If your older loved one is sweating and/or shaking, their body is overheated and they may have pneumonia.



Aides who offer senior care services explain that pneumonia can be physically draining and leave seniors fatigued. This is because it takes their bodies a great deal of energy to fight of illnesses.



 A chronic cough that sounds wet as well as wheezing when your senior inhales or exhales may be a sign of pneumonia. Professionals who specialize in senior care services explain that if you’re unsure of whether your senior’s cough is related to the cold or flu or pneumonia, take them to a doctor in Lansdale, PA.


Chest and Rib Pain

The chronic coughing that typically comes with pneumonia usually causes chest and rib pain, which can fracture ribs and lead to spinal issues such as a herniated disc. Chest and rib pain is a serious issue that should be evaluated right away.


Providers who offer senior care services in Lansdale, PA explain that seniors who are confused, have a fever, are fatigued or coughing, or experiencing chest or rib pain may have pneumonia.

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