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A Home Care Aide Can Assist With Groceries & Home Goods Shopping in Lansdale, PA

A home care aide will ensure all home essentials are stocked and easily accessible for seniors

Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is important for all seniors. The problem is that, as we age, it can become challenging to make nutritious food for ourselves. If your loved one is struggling with this issue right now, you may want to consider how having a home care aide around could help them get their life back on track.

Seniors have a particular set of nutritional needs. In general, they need to eat fewer calories than younger adults. However, they need the same amount of minerals and vitamins. This means that a senior's diet needs to be filled with highly nutritious but lower calorie ingredients. Of course, some seniors have even tougher restrictions on their diet. For example, people with diabetes cannot eat much fruit and all their food needs to be free of refined, simple sugars.

The unfortunate fact is that although seniors need to eat a restrictive diet, they are seldom able to procure the ingredients necessary and prepare nutritious meals for themselves. This can be due to mobility issues, general weakness, cognitive impairments and other challenges many seniors find themselves facing in the later stages of their lives.

Thankfully, with the additional help, your loved one can get back on track and eat a healthy diet. A home care aide can go to a grocery store in Lansdale, PA for your loved one and get all the food they need to eat well.

Our home care aides can shop for a variety of home goods for your loved ones in Lansdale, PA. These may include:

  • Personal hygiene products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Trash bags
  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Medication

With a clear list provided, our caregivers can make sure all of the essentials are present in your loved one’s home to make staying there comfortable and safe.

If you would like to find out more about how a home care aide can help your loved one live independently, please call our Lansdale, PA office today!

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